Pool Types

Custom Concrete Pools

Concrete pools can be virtually any shape – The possibilities are endless, with  wide range of features – from uniquely shaped steps and tanning ledges to spas, vanishing edges, fountains and even islands and beach entries. In-floor cleaning systems and special lighting features are becoming more standard these days as well.

A concrete pool is built by spraying specially formulated concrete under high pressure over a web of structural steel bars. This spray-in-place process if often referred to as gunite or shotcrete, depending on the equipment. The result is a monolithic structure – one continuous surface with no seams – that will withstand earth movement and the test of time. The interior surface is then coated with one of an endless array of Marblelite tones and textures. Decorative tiles and coping are all available in wide selection of options. Periodic surface refinishing is recommended to keep the pool looking its best, with timing of this dependent on the coating and pool environment.

A concrete pool is a good investment for your home – Not only does it add intrinsic value with its beauty, but historically it has been proven to add value simply by the relative rising replacement value of building custom concrete over the years.

Custom Vinyl Lined Pools

Gib-San vinyl lined pools are built with precision quality steel wall kits manufactured for durability and years of service. They are custom fitted with liners that retain an even vinyl thickness throughout the pool for long lasting performance and fade resistant beauty. Walls are insulated to lessen heat loss, while providing a softer finish.

High quality installation standards – Gib-San customizes these vinyl liner pools with the same professional approach to building concrete pools. Attention to detail is given starting with the dig, foundation structure and plumbing – ending with the visible surface materials. Our plumbing and foundation work is similar to the standards used on concrete pools.

Endless features – From cantilevered rock copings, overhanging waterfalls, easy-entry steps and seating areas with massage jets to in-pool and peripheral lighting. See the Photo Gallery – Vinyl Lined Pools to see just how beautiful vinyl liner pools can be.

Pool shapes seem almost endless – In addition to considering the wide selection shown in the “Photo Gallery – Vinyl Lined Pools”, refer also to pool shapes.  This is a listing of popular shapes, but if you don’t see what you are after, chances are we can do it.

Beautiful liner patterns and colours – Link to the vinyl liners to view the selection of liner patterns.

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