Summer-izing Your Pool

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Remove the pool cover and clean before storing. (Types of covers: Mesh, Solid)

2. Fill the pool.
• Bring the water level up to the middle of the skimmer
• Remove any large pieces of debris (leaves and sticks) with a leaf net

3. Check the pump, filter, skimmer and automatic chlorinator.
• Ensure all mechanical equipment is clean and functional
• Check skimmer basket for cracks
• Use Filter Brite to ensure your filter will operate efficiently (chemicals will be less effective with poor filter performance)

4. Add the BioGuard Pool Opening Kit and run the pool for 48 hours.

5. Test the water. Check your test reagent or test strips to ensure they are not outdated.
• Bring a sample in for free water analysis at the store

6. Add the recommended required chemicals to ensure the water is safe, clean and balanced.

7. Plan out your routine maintenance schedule using the recommendations for your type of sanitizer system.
• Ask about the BioGuard 15 minute Workweek Program to see if it is appropriate for your pool

8. Enjoy your backyard living and remember, we are here to help you!

Visit us in-store (711 Kipling Ave.) or call us ( 416-231-9699) with any questions!

2 responses to “Summer-izing Your Pool

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