Hot Tub Spa Comfort Secrets – what to look for when buying a Hot Tub Whirlpool

Getting comfortable in a Spa Hot Tub by making sure that seats and body lounges properly conform to the contours of your body – that there’s support for your legs, arms, back, hips and all the way up to your neck.
Check out the Hot Tub's Spa Comfort Zones

Have you considered a Hot Tub Test Drive?

We encourage you to “Test-Drive” all spa hot tubs to make certain that they fit you completely! Hot tubs are not a one size fits all experience, so you should put on your bathing suit and immerse yourself in an operating hot tubs in order to make certain that your investment is just right, fits you perfectly and will give you years of comfort and enjoyment before you make the plunge!

Hot tub Comfort is all in the Details

Ergonomic experts have tried to think of what makes for the best spa hot tub experience and have come up with the following features available in certain spa hot tubs:

  • Large footwell design to stretch out in comfort
  • Closeby waterproof controls preferably inside the tub so no need to get out to make adjustment
  • Integrated armrests or handholds for extra security and easy access
  • Lighting inside the hot tub to add to the beauty and night time safety
  • Splash guards to keep the water inside the hot tub
  • Controllable Jets to target hips, thighs and calves with a massage
  • Waterfeatures such as waterfalls that provide soothing sounds

Combining these hot tub can give you the best Spa Hot Tub experience possible! Check out these features and more at the Gib-San Hot Tub Spa centre at!

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