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Extreme Pool Designs for In Ground Pools

Extreme Backyard Pools DesignsBackyard In Ground Pool Designs

Homeowners are now starting to look at their outdoor space where their pool designs can take on their personality. Pool designs are being taken to the next level to reflect the pool owner and thereby challenging pool designers to incorporate trendsetting elements.

Today’s backyard pool scapes can incorporate a variety of elements from fully equipped kitchens to pool cabanas with washroom and shower facilities. Pool designs that include lazy rivers and adjacent basketball courts or putting greens are just some examples of innovative designs.

Pool Designs Challenge Pool Builders

Before embarking on one of a kind pool designs, the pool owner should find a pool builder that has the expertise and knowledge to put all the pieces together. This is arguably the most important aspect of designing a pool oasis. Once that builder has been found, such as Gib-San Pools which is a member of the Master Pools Guild, then it’s time to create a wish list.

Creating a True Outdoor Living Space

Pool design suggestions for creating a pool outdoor living scape is to include an athletic area for those who don’t want to be in the water all the time, a putting green or a basketball net surrounding the poolscape, waterfalls with sun ledges as a great accent to provide movement of water, soothing sounds and an area for those who want to observe the action. Of course, don’t forget about visual excitement in accented lighting, incorporated into water features that bring the pool to life at night. Deck jets and laminars can also enhance the movement of water when incorporated into pool designs.

Recreating the Inside Out

Incorporation of an equipped kitchen makes entertaining easier and less intrusive – this way you can contain your guests to an area, avoiding back and forth into your home. Also consider outdoor furnishing, their design and scope,  including seating and lounging furniture, and their placement in the pool design.

As backyard pool designs become more popular, options are constantly evolving – from sport features to dining areas as available from Gib-San Pools – your backyard pool getaway should reflect your personal needs to relax and enjoy!

Water Features Can Sooth and Excite

Water features continue to be one of the most popular design trends for swimming pools. Whether you are looking to add a dramatic centerpiece, architectural accents or the excitement of moving water, the right water feature will influence the ambiance of your entire backyard. For many, including a water feature can be the final piece to the puzzle in designing the ultimate backyard paradise.

Your choices are only limited by your imagination and personal tastes, so research what’s available, find inspiration by looking at online photo galleries and speak with local pool and landscape design professionals.

Popular Water Features Include:

  • Waterfalls – Falling water adds beauty and tranquility to any poolscape. Waterfall designs are nearly unlimited. A water feature like the Pentair MagicFalls® can produce waterfalls right from your pool walls with rain, sheet or curtain effects.  Waterfalls can also be produced by having a multi-level pool or they can be built right into the landscape and include additional components like rocks to perfectly match your poolscape design.
  • Fountains – No longer just for large luxurious pools, fountains can be a beautiful backdrop for your poolscape or a fun feature to splash and play in.
  • Laminars – These graceful arcs of water are so smooth, they look glass-like.  The water enters the pool with a gentle splash. A light source can be added to create a breathtaking evening light show.
  • Deck Jets – These elegant streams of arching water can transform any pool into a soothing fountain. Deck jets work well in combinations to create unique designs of arching water and are usually fully adjustable.
  • Cascades – A gentle wall of water splashes into your pool for a soothing effect that also adds class and style. Cascades are available in a number of sizes and can be used side-by-side to cover longer distances.
  • Scuppers and Wall Accents – Usually appearing in surrounding walls, scuppers are another feature that provides a splash of water into your pool. Available in nearly any shape…including shells, lion heads, rosettes, sconces and fleur-de-lis, they can be used to compliment other water features or stand alone.
  • Water Bowls – Available in many sizes, water bowls can accentuate your landscape and pool with a soothing water spillway.
  • Vanishing Edges – A visual effect of water extending off into the distance is a truly luxurious feature. Your pool edge will appear to simply vanish against the horizon.

Designing Spaces Master Pools Guild Interview with Ed Gibbs of Gib-San Pools

Looking to get started on your dream backyards this summer? This episode of designing spaces interviews Ed Gibbs, owner and operator of Gib-San Pools Ltd.  Ed gives some excellent tips on what to consider when selecting a design for a new pool and how to select a pool builder you can trust.

Gib-San Pool of the Month, May 2012 – Festival Tower Project

If a condominium could be compared to a film, Festival Tower would sweep the Oscars!

Festival Tower is no ordinary building.  It is an instant landmark on the Toronto skyline.  When architect Bruce Kuwabara was designing Festival Tower, he incorporated a number of design elements to reinforce its iconic status, “Let’s face it.  There are a lot of condominium towers going up around this city.  This one has to be special.”

On the outside, the building soars from its limestone-clad base into a tower sheathed in clear and sandblasted glass and crowned by an illuminated glass top that serves as a welcoming beacon to Festival Tower residents.  But it is inside Festival Tower where its “luxurious livability” really becomes apparent.  There is no such thing as a basic amenity at festival Tower and Gib-San was the obvious choice when selecting a pool builder to take part on this project.

The stunning Pool House features an elaborate swimming pool, whirlpool and a cascading floor-to-ceiling waterfall housed in a glass pavilion overlooking an exquisitely landscaped terrace.   The project took over 5 years from its initial planning to the final completion in summer 2011.

“This project is surely one of our most applauded pieces of work” says Ed Gibbs, “to see such a large project come to life surely goes to show you our commitment to ISO policies and procedures works!” “The Festival Tower Project was built using the same standards and procedures used on any one of our residential projects, and because of that our brand transcends the industry standard for quality.”

“Festival Tower is so unique, so special, and so incredible – it exists in a class of its own!”

Why Choose LED Pool Lighting?

High-Definition Lighting That Lasts The growing popularity of color-changing LED lighting for pools and spas is primarily due to the brilliant-lighting effects of newer systems. The difference between old technology (incandescent) pool lighting and LED pool lighting is like comparing a standard definition television to a high-definition television—the colors and visual quality are simply stronger, brighter and more appealing.

Many pool owners also choose LED pool lighting because it is a more eco-friendly option. Not only do LEDs use far less electricity, an LED light can last six times longer than an incandescent light of equal brightness.

The Most Energy-Efficient Lighting Available An LED (or light emitting diode) is a small semi conductor device that converts electrical energy directly into light.  Since there is no filament, an LED does not heat up the way an incandescent bulb does, which wastes up to 80% of the electricity routed to it to produce heat rather than light.  An LED light like the Pentair IntelliBrite® 5g White LED provides a noticeably brighter light while using 86% less energy than an incandescent bulb—resulting in significant energy savings.

Brilliant Colors for Unmatched Visual Appeal The main attraction of LED lighting is the stunning visual appeal and ability to change up the lighting to suit any mood or event. Today’s best color-changing LED pool lights feature numerous light options—from static colors like blue, green, magenta, red and white to dynamic pre-programmed light shows that enhance nighttime poolscapes with rich and vibrant colors. Plus, most allow you to also choose the speed at which the colors change, further allowing you to achieve a particular ambiance.

Choosing the particular color or light show for your pool is usually a simple process of stepping through the selections until you find your desired setting. Other systems allow you to include a dedicated controller to make choosing and programming your lights even easier and synchronize LED lights in your pool, spa and landscape.

LED Lighting Outlasts the Competition The typical life span of an incandescent light is 5,000 hours, whereas LED lights have been proven to last 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The reason for their extended life is the durable, solid state technology, which has no internal filament to wear out.


In the past, LED pool lighting has received negative feedback because if one LED burned out all of the LEDs would stop working, similar to old holiday lights. However, new LED pool lighting systems like the IntelliBrite 5g Color LED will continue to work even when one of its LEDs burn out.

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Earth Day Canada 2012 is this Sunday April 22, learn what you can do to make your pool more eco friendly!!

Heating & Heat Loss, How your pool can be an eco friendly pool

  • Reduce heat loss by using a pool cover. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, savings of 50% – 70% are possible.
  • Fencing, hedges, landscaping, and cabanas that shelter your pool from prevailing winds will further reduce heat loss.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, chances are a new high efficiency gas heater could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.
  • A pool heat pump can save up to 80% in energy usage compared to a gas heater. Check with your pool professional to see if a heat pump is appropriate for your region.
  • If you use your pool only on weekends, reduce your heater or heat pump thermostats settings by eight to ten degrees during the week.
  • When leaving for vacation for more than a week, turn off the pool heater or heat pump, including the pilot light. Please use caution in freezing conditions.
  • According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the  Red Cross, the most healthful swimming temperature is 78 degrees. Reducing your heater or heat pump thermostat to maintain a 78 degree or lower temperature will also help conserve energy.
  • Install a timer or a control system to automate the hours of operation.
  • When reopening your pool, make sure your heater or heat pump is working properly.

Check out webiste for a full listing of event details in and around your local neaborhoods.


Pool Possibilities Explorer by Pentair – Online Virtual Design Application

When building a swimming pool, the possibilities are endless. Whether you plan to create a relaxing sanctuary, an exotic oasis or a fun-filled gathering place for family and friends, use our tool to discover more about the choices available to bring your vision to life. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to print a reference guide of your selections to review with your Gib-San Sales Associate.

Select the link to start your design:

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Gib-San Pool of the Month, March 2012 – 109 Days to SUMMER!!

Frequently it is a “mad dash to the finish” to complete construction and have a pool and landscape project completed for summer.  The process can be difficult and stressful especially with the heat of summer lingering.  So now more than ever is time to get started!

With the cold of winter still in the air but whispers of spring in the weather forecasts let this month’s featured pool bring you back to the fond memories of summer 2011.

Peaceful and elegant the use of glass mosaic tiles and stone veneering make it a unique and impressive design.   With full Pentair automation, fiber optic lighting, and sheer decent water features this truly is a pool to be remembered!