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Healthy Hot Tub Living

Combine the benefits of Hot Tub Massage with the pervasiveness of Water with its lighter-than-air buoyancy to improve circulation, decrease joint pain and promote the flow of endorphins. This is the appeal of a the hydro-therapy and water massage benefits of owning a hot tub.

Hot Tub HealthHeat adds to the therapuetic effects of water massage

The Introduction of heat into the hot tub equation allows you to have the ability to stimulate relaxation through muscle stimulation and an opening of blood vessels. Some of the world’s greatest and professional athletes use this hydro-therapy offered by hot tubs to rejuvenate themselves.

Brightening Your Spirits is what a Hot Tub is all about

Stresses are released into a hot tub’s whirlpool stream as high volume low pressure jests deliver soothing massage for a soft, yet powerful rejuvenating experience. Settling into a hot tub’s swirling water is therefore a great way to lessen physical and mental burdens, and brighten your spirits – see more at the!

Romantic Hot Tub Rekindles Romance for Couples through all the Senses

Now that Valentine’s has come and gone, how about maintaining the message of that special day with your own Romantic Hot Tub? There’s nothing like a hot tub for the perfect spot to kindle romance between you and your significant other. With a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the setting is perfect for some together time.Couple Hot Tub

Setting the Romantic Mood wit Hot Tub Lighting and Aromatherapy

There are a number of unique features are available on a Gib-San hot tub that can enhance the romance.

Lighting – Most important is lighting – when purchasing a hot tub make sure in tub and around the tub lighting is one of the features available on the model you choose. Lighting within the water creates a unique atmosphere while mood sensitive lighting around the hot tub’s edges reinforces the romance.

Scents – Today’s hot tubs can be configured as aromatherapy enclaves, dispensing wonderful scents that when combined with the water creates an intimate atmosphere for all the sense.

Today’s hot tubs can be an extension of the intimacy found in couple-focussed  creations – the love seat, a swing for two and now a hot tub for the romantics in all of us – available in the Toronto area from Gib-San Pools at its new Hot Tub Toronto website

Spa Hot Tub Healthy Living

Combing the benefits of massage with effervescence of Water – every part of your body benefits from  a hot tub spa experience. The lighter-than air- buoyancy additionally improves your circulation, can decrease joint pain and may encourage endorphin flow. This is the appeal of living with a spa hot tub! Continue reading

Hot Tub Spa Comfort Secrets – what to look for when buying a Hot Tub Whirlpool

Getting comfortable in a Spa Hot Tub by making sure that seats and body lounges properly conform to the contours of your body – that there’s support for your legs, arms, back, hips and all the way up to your neck. Continue reading

Hot Tub Romance?

Romantic Hot Tub Spa InterludeHot tubs / spas are the perfect spot for romance between you and your significant other … with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the setting is perfect for some together time.

Setting the Romantic Hot Tub Mood

A variety of features are available on Gib-San hot tubs / spas that enhance the romance. First is lighting – when purchasing a hot tub / spa make sure that mood lighting is one of the features available on the model you choose – sets the stage for romance, as well as entertaining. Lighting enhances a hot tub / spa by reflecting within and off the water, creating a unique atmosphere to any hot tub / spa. Candles can also provide that romantic ambiance, dotted around the hot tub’s edges, but ensure that candles are placed in secure areas to prevent them from being knocked down.

Hot Tub Spa Romantic Lighting Gib-SanAdd Music to the Hot Tub to Stir the Soul

Music also contributes to the romance and certain Gib-San hot tubs / spas can be equipped with builtin sound systems including one-touch disappearing speakers. For non-builtin electrical equipment always keep it far away to prevent any contact with the water or splashing from the hot tub. Then turn on your favourite music so that you and your partner can enjoy the ambiance created by the intermingling of tunes with water.

Add some Spa Scents to set the Whirlpool Accent

Set the mood by introducing aromatherapy into the hot tub / spa. Scents are varied, so pick a scent that will be pleasing to you and your partner.

Hot Tub Spa Romantic Mood Lighting Gib-San

Finger foods and fancy drinks can add sparkle to the hot tub romance, and fit right in with the moulded in platforms. Alcohol consumption is not recommended but hors d’oeuvres are a great snack that can set the romantic mood.
Gib-San looks forward to creating your romantic oasis, right in the privacy of your own backyard!!!

A Hot Tub Spa that Saves You Money!

Hot Tub Costs can be saved through a Hot Tub Cover from Gib-SanA spa hot tub can be quite energy-conscious – costing only pennies a day to operate – but there’s a few things to watch out for in a hot tub spa that can save you money.

Part I – Start with Hot Tub Solid Foam Construction

Source your hot tub spa from a manufacturer that uses solid foam insulation construction – proven to be the most energy efficient means of keeping hot tub spa water warm and comfortable – with high insulation R-values. Additionally see whether the containing cabinet is filled with foam that is similarly energy efficient to prevent heat loss through the walls and footwells. Plumbing should also insulated as a means of further saving energy, that has further benefits of vibration reduction, additional strength and sound absorption.

Part II – Use Energy Efficient Components

See whether the hot tub’s components – pumps, heaters, seals and valves – are themselves energy efficient in performance and energy conservation. These components should also be housed in an enclosed equipment module that limits energy loss.

Part III – Keeping the Energy In

This is where hot tub spa covers are so important. Heat escape should be prevented by effective linear heat seals. In addition to being insulated they should be capable of being able to hold sufficient weight. The result is a cover that is designed to minimize heat loss as well as being safe around children and pets.

Your Hot Tub Spa can save you money through carfeful shopping to ensure that your purchase is an Energy Gib-San Hot Tub & Spa!

The Six Keys to Basic Spa Care

Preventing problems before they occur will give you more enjoyment from your sparkling clear spa – not to mention the perfect environment for relaxing with family and friends.

Another Useful Tip From Our Friends at BioGuard

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Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2012

Each year brings new trends for home and garden design, including swimming pools and spas. In 2011, exciting design and technology options helped create beautiful pools that were integrated into lush landscapes for a more holistic experience.

Residential pools embraced amazing features that added beauty and intrigue, and in the past could only be found at resorts. In adding these features it made the backyard pool experience more like a vacation or spa – allowing pool owners to enjoy their pools new ways.

We see these trends extending into 2012. Of course, there will be some new developments along the way, and we can’t wait to see them!

Celebrating the Elements: Water, Fire & Earth

More than ever, pool designs are incorporating water, fire and rock features …from fire pits and torches to stone grottos and waterfalls. Mesmerizing flames add dramatic flair to poolscapes, while water and rock elements can transform a backyard into any theme desired…from romantic hideaway to fantastic playground.

A Light Show in the Pool

Color-changing lights have been popular for some time, but with advances in LED technology light shows can be more brilliant and exciting than ever. Many systems allow synchronization between pool, spa and landscape lighting. Plus, this technology uses far less energy than any other.

Innovative Edges, Entries and Shelves

In the past, swimming pools had steps, a shallow end and a deep end. Today’s pools are incorporating many more features to multiply the way pools are used. Beach entries allow swimmers to wade in and eliminate the need for stairs or ladders. Infinity edges are perfect for pools with a view. Also, wading areas and shelves allow bathers to enjoy a new type of “shallow” end in their pool.


Colorful Tiling and Mosaics Make a Comeback

Brightly colored tile and mosaics were “out” for the last decade or so, but many builders are seeing this retro trend coming back in popularity. Glass tile is the most popular way to achieve this look. It comes in a rainbow of colors with unique swirls and bubbles, and can be used to create beautiful custom mosaics. Alternate materials can be used to create the same effect, while being a bit more affordable.

  • Glass tile

Saltwater Pools for the Most Luxurious Water

Once you’ve swam in a saltwater pool, you might never want to get in a regular pool again. The water is only slightly salty, about one-tenth that of the ocean. The sensation is more of a soft-water feeling, plus the water does not sting your eyes like regularly-chlorinated water. The upfront cost is more expensive; however, the maintenance costs are much less.

Going “Green” in the Pool

Between rising energy costs, earth-consciousness and new technology trends, pool owners are looking for (and finding!) more energy-efficient ways to circulate their water and heat their pools.

What new pool design trends are you seeing?

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