Escape stress with a hot massage!

Have a tough day at work? There is nothing like a massage in a Marquis Hot Tub to relax you. Put it all in perspective while you escape into tranquility. It doesn’t even matter about the weather as a hot tub still feels fantastic even in cold, drizzly or snowy conditions.

The staff at Gib-San Pool & Hot Tub Centre are trained on matching you with the right model for your lifestyle. Marquis Hot Tubs are loaded with features. Some models include iPod-ready audio systems so you can relax with your favourite music. You select the pace from a peaceful soak to a soothing slow speed or invigorating high-speed massage. And if you prefer some protection from the elements, add a patio heater. It is all at Gib-San Pool & Hot Tub Centre – at 711 Kipling Avenue, Toronto.  See more at

Its so hot out even the wild life needs a swim!

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It’s All Fun and Pool Games

The kids are out for summer…time to get outside! Nothing beats jumping in the pool, and we have some great ideas to keep them entertained in the pool for hours!

Climb a Mountain

AquaClimb® is a modular rock climbing wall system for your swimming pool! The panels can be turned  in four different orientations to change the level of ease and difficulty. The height of the wall is restricted by the depth of the pool.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Bringing your favorite game into the cool of the pool! Aces are high and the water is wild!  Play poker, Go Fish, 21…all bets are off when it comes to this floatable card table!

Take a Dip, Take a Dunk

Cool off with a game of H-O-R-S-E…team up and keep score. Or host a slam dunk contest. This swimming pool basketball hoop makes your backyard the hottest place in the neighborhood to cool off!

Spike It!

Lots of action-packed fun begins when you bring a volleyball net to your pool! Easily mounts on your pool deck.

Solid Slap Shot

Stay cool during a heated game of tabletop ping pong. The floating table keeps the fun in the water!

Keep your backyard the centerpiece for fun and entertainment this summer, but please remember children MUST be supervised at all times in the pool, and remove all pool toys so that they won’t be a distraction to young children and keep the pool securely locked. And lastly, HAVE FUN!

Water Features Can Sooth and Excite

Water features continue to be one of the most popular design trends for swimming pools. Whether you are looking to add a dramatic centerpiece, architectural accents or the excitement of moving water, the right water feature will influence the ambiance of your entire backyard. For many, including a water feature can be the final piece to the puzzle in designing the ultimate backyard paradise.

Your choices are only limited by your imagination and personal tastes, so research what’s available, find inspiration by looking at online photo galleries and speak with local pool and landscape design professionals.

Popular Water Features Include:

  • Waterfalls – Falling water adds beauty and tranquility to any poolscape. Waterfall designs are nearly unlimited. A water feature like the Pentair MagicFalls® can produce waterfalls right from your pool walls with rain, sheet or curtain effects.  Waterfalls can also be produced by having a multi-level pool or they can be built right into the landscape and include additional components like rocks to perfectly match your poolscape design.
  • Fountains – No longer just for large luxurious pools, fountains can be a beautiful backdrop for your poolscape or a fun feature to splash and play in.
  • Laminars – These graceful arcs of water are so smooth, they look glass-like.  The water enters the pool with a gentle splash. A light source can be added to create a breathtaking evening light show.
  • Deck Jets – These elegant streams of arching water can transform any pool into a soothing fountain. Deck jets work well in combinations to create unique designs of arching water and are usually fully adjustable.
  • Cascades – A gentle wall of water splashes into your pool for a soothing effect that also adds class and style. Cascades are available in a number of sizes and can be used side-by-side to cover longer distances.
  • Scuppers and Wall Accents – Usually appearing in surrounding walls, scuppers are another feature that provides a splash of water into your pool. Available in nearly any shape…including shells, lion heads, rosettes, sconces and fleur-de-lis, they can be used to compliment other water features or stand alone.
  • Water Bowls – Available in many sizes, water bowls can accentuate your landscape and pool with a soothing water spillway.
  • Vanishing Edges – A visual effect of water extending off into the distance is a truly luxurious feature. Your pool edge will appear to simply vanish against the horizon.

The Six Keys to Basic Spa Care

Preventing problems before they occur will give you more enjoyment from your sparkling clear spa – not to mention the perfect environment for relaxing with family and friends.

Happy Canada Day from our family to yours!


Research shows what you eat, drink may help protect you from the sun

PHOENIX — Sunscreen isn’t the only thing you need when it comes to fighting off harmful ultraviolet rays. More research is showing that what you eat could be another tool in protecting your skin from the inside and out.

“Getting upwards of 20 to 30 grams of soy protein in a day is what’s recommended to give you some of the sun-protected benefits,” said Bashas’ registered dietitian Barbara Ruhs. “Canned tomatoes and canned tomato paste is also a very rich source.”

Items like soy milk and tomatoes are just a few products that Ruhs said can be considered edible sunscreens.

“The pigments that give so many plants, fruits and vegetables this colorful appearance also offer some sun protection,” Ruhs said.

She said other skin-fighting foods include carrots, berries, apples and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach.

“They help to absorb some of the damaging ultraviolet radiation or they act like an air bag,” Ruhs said. “So they help to prevent further damage once you have been exposed.”

But recent research shows, what you drink could also be a big benefit.

“There was a recent study in 2000 that looked at people living in southern Arizona who were tea drinkers,” Ruhs said. “And they had a lower incidence of cancer risk just because they were drinking two to three cups of green tea per day.”

Whether it’s drinking green tea or eating healthy foods, Ruhs said your diet is just one more tool.

“We’re not saying don’t wear sunscreen,” Ruhs continued. “We want you to wear sun-protective gear. However, eating a healthy diet is just an added protective beneficial thing that you can do.”

Ruhs article on skin-fighting foods will be featured in the Environmental Nutrition August newsletter.

For more information log on to and go to the healthy living section and click on Eat Smart. You can also email Ruhs at

How well do you know your pool? Question of the Day!

Drowning Prevention