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Pool Possibilities Explorer by Pentair – Online Virtual Design Application

When building a swimming pool, the possibilities are endless. Whether you plan to create a relaxing sanctuary, an exotic oasis or a fun-filled gathering place for family and friends, use our tool to discover more about the choices available to bring your vision to life. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to print a reference guide of your selections to review with your Gib-San Sales Associate.

Select the link to start your design: http://www.pentairpool.com/pool-possibilities-explorer/#/home/eyJzY2VuZSI6W119

Gib-San Award Winning Pools 2011

Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2012

Each year brings new trends for home and garden design, including swimming pools and spas. In 2011, exciting design and technology options helped create beautiful pools that were integrated into lush landscapes for a more holistic experience.

Residential pools embraced amazing features that added beauty and intrigue, and in the past could only be found at resorts. In adding these features it made the backyard pool experience more like a vacation or spa – allowing pool owners to enjoy their pools new ways.

We see these trends extending into 2012. Of course, there will be some new developments along the way, and we can’t wait to see them!

Celebrating the Elements: Water, Fire & Earth

More than ever, pool designs are incorporating water, fire and rock features …from fire pits and torches to stone grottos and waterfalls. Mesmerizing flames add dramatic flair to poolscapes, while water and rock elements can transform a backyard into any theme desired…from romantic hideaway to fantastic playground.

A Light Show in the Pool

Color-changing lights have been popular for some time, but with advances in LED technology light shows can be more brilliant and exciting than ever. Many systems allow synchronization between pool, spa and landscape lighting. Plus, this technology uses far less energy than any other.

Innovative Edges, Entries and Shelves

In the past, swimming pools had steps, a shallow end and a deep end. Today’s pools are incorporating many more features to multiply the way pools are used. Beach entries allow swimmers to wade in and eliminate the need for stairs or ladders. Infinity edges are perfect for pools with a view. Also, wading areas and shelves allow bathers to enjoy a new type of “shallow” end in their pool.


Colorful Tiling and Mosaics Make a Comeback

Brightly colored tile and mosaics were “out” for the last decade or so, but many builders are seeing this retro trend coming back in popularity. Glass tile is the most popular way to achieve this look. It comes in a rainbow of colors with unique swirls and bubbles, and can be used to create beautiful custom mosaics. Alternate materials can be used to create the same effect, while being a bit more affordable.

  • Glass tile

Saltwater Pools for the Most Luxurious Water

Once you’ve swam in a saltwater pool, you might never want to get in a regular pool again. The water is only slightly salty, about one-tenth that of the ocean. The sensation is more of a soft-water feeling, plus the water does not sting your eyes like regularly-chlorinated water. The upfront cost is more expensive; however, the maintenance costs are much less.

Going “Green” in the Pool

Between rising energy costs, earth-consciousness and new technology trends, pool owners are looking for (and finding!) more energy-efficient ways to circulate their water and heat their pools.

What new pool design trends are you seeing?


Pool FYI


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Gib-San Pool of the Month, March 2012 – 109 Days to SUMMER!!

Frequently it is a “mad dash to the finish” to complete construction and have a pool and landscape project completed for summer.  The process can be difficult and stressful especially with the heat of summer lingering.  So now more than ever is time to get started!

With the cold of winter still in the air but whispers of spring in the weather forecasts let this month’s featured pool bring you back to the fond memories of summer 2011.

Peaceful and elegant the use of glass mosaic tiles and stone veneering make it a unique and impressive design.   With full Pentair automation, fiber optic lighting, and sheer decent water features this truly is a pool to be remembered!

Pool Design Tip #3 by Jennifer Blair, e How Contributor

Design Tip # 3 Determine Your Space

Another important consideration when designing a pool is the space available for construction because the design’s dimensions must fit within those constraints. Some pool shapes may not fit in your backyard, so they may need to be adjusted accordingly. If you plan to add a deck, patio or hot tub to the pool, make sure to designate room for that on your design as well.

Read More: Pool Design Tips / e How

Summer-izing Your Pool

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Remove the pool cover and clean before storing. (Types of covers: Mesh, Solid)

2. Fill the pool.
• Bring the water level up to the middle of the skimmer
• Remove any large pieces of debris (leaves and sticks) with a leaf net

3. Check the pump, filter, skimmer and automatic chlorinator.
• Ensure all mechanical equipment is clean and functional
• Check skimmer basket for cracks
• Use Filter Brite to ensure your filter will operate efficiently (chemicals will be less effective with poor filter performance)

4. Add the BioGuard Pool Opening Kit and run the pool for 48 hours.

5. Test the water. Check your test reagent or test strips to ensure they are not outdated.
• Bring a sample in for free water analysis at the store

6. Add the recommended required chemicals to ensure the water is safe, clean and balanced.

7. Plan out your routine maintenance schedule using the recommendations for your type of sanitizer system.
• Ask about the BioGuard 15 minute Workweek Program to see if it is appropriate for your pool

8. Enjoy your backyard living and remember, we are here to help you!

Visit us in-store (711 Kipling Ave.) or call us ( 416-231-9699) with any questions!

GibSan: Toronto Ontario’s best Swimming Pool Builder

GibSan Pools has been the leading swimming pool builder in the Greater Toronto Area for decades.

In this short video we discuss, swimming pool construction, swimming pool maintenance and retail pool products.

This video will provide you with a sample of what we are about as a team of indivuals working toward building our clients dreams. We hope you enjoy this information and allow us to assist you with building your dream back yard.