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A Hot Tub Spa that Saves You Money!

Hot Tub Costs can be saved through a Hot Tub Cover from Gib-SanA spa hot tub can be quite energy-conscious – costing only pennies a day to operate – but there’s a few things to watch out for in a hot tub spa that can save you money.

Part I – Start with Hot Tub Solid Foam Construction

Source your hot tub spa from a manufacturer that uses solid foam insulation construction – proven to be the most energy efficient means of keeping hot tub spa water warm and comfortable – with high insulation R-values. Additionally see whether the containing cabinet is filled with foam that is similarly energy efficient to prevent heat loss through the walls and footwells. Plumbing should also insulated as a means of further saving energy, that has further benefits of vibration reduction, additional strength and sound absorption.

Part II – Use Energy Efficient Components

See whether the hot tub’s components – pumps, heaters, seals and valves – are themselves energy efficient in performance and energy conservation. These components should also be housed in an enclosed equipment module that limits energy loss.

Part III – Keeping the Energy In

This is where hot tub spa covers are so important. Heat escape should be prevented by effective linear heat seals. In addition to being insulated they should be capable of being able to hold sufficient weight. The result is a cover that is designed to minimize heat loss as well as being safe around children and pets.

Your Hot Tub Spa can save you money through carfeful shopping to ensure that your purchase is an Energy Gib-San Hot Tub & Spa!