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Spa Hot Tub Healthy Living

Combing the benefits of massage with effervescence of Water – every part of your body benefits from  a hot tub spa experience. The lighter-than air- buoyancy additionally improves your circulation, can decrease joint pain and may encourage endorphin flow. This is the appeal of living with a spa hot tub! Continue reading

Hot Tub Romance?

Romantic Hot Tub Spa InterludeHot tubs / spas are the perfect spot for romance between you and your significant other … with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the setting is perfect for some together time.

Setting the Romantic Hot Tub Mood

A variety of features are available on Gib-San hot tubs / spas that enhance the romance. First is lighting – when purchasing a hot tub / spa make sure that mood lighting is one of the features available on the model you choose – sets the stage for romance, as well as entertaining. Lighting enhances a hot tub / spa by reflecting within and off the water, creating a unique atmosphere to any hot tub / spa. Candles can also provide that romantic ambiance, dotted around the hot tub’s edges, but ensure that candles are placed in secure areas to prevent them from being knocked down.

Hot Tub Spa Romantic Lighting Gib-SanAdd Music to the Hot Tub to Stir the Soul

Music also contributes to the romance and certain Gib-San hot tubs / spas can be equipped with builtin sound systems including one-touch disappearing speakers. For non-builtin electrical equipment always keep it far away to prevent any contact with the water or splashing from the hot tub. Then turn on your favourite music so that you and your partner can enjoy the ambiance created by the intermingling of tunes with water.

Add some Spa Scents to set the Whirlpool Accent

Set the mood by introducing aromatherapy into the hot tub / spa. Scents are varied, so pick a scent that will be pleasing to you and your partner.

Hot Tub Spa Romantic Mood Lighting Gib-San

Finger foods and fancy drinks can add sparkle to the hot tub romance, and fit right in with the moulded in platforms. Alcohol consumption is not recommended but hors d’oeuvres are a great snack that can set the romantic mood.
Gib-San looks forward to creating your romantic oasis, right in the privacy of your own backyard!!!