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A Pool’s Fire – Latest Trends in Pool Design Enhancements

Today’s poolscapes incorporate a variety of features to enhance the inground pool landscape – the incorporation of water, light and natural features are now being complemented with the use of fire. Today’s pool designs are incorporating fire elements in order to add drama and excitement to backyard poolscapes.

Pool Designers have Fire in their Eyes!

As pool designer expand their range to fire as part of a full backyard experience, in order to complement entertaining areas, full entertainment areas and lounge areas, it is expected that fire elements will quickly make their presence known in the pool design planning. Fire elements can include mantels to fire pits that are used as gathering areas in the evenings, where recreational firepit specialistsare coming out with exciting new products that take pool designs to the next level.

Adding that Unique Fire Element

Inground Swimming Pool with Fire PitNotably, fire adds that unique element to a pool design so as to be able to enjoy the beauty of the water at night. Essentially fire brings that wow factor to pool installations, whether it is a a beautiful fire pit where guests can gather to more elaborate installations featuring incorporating water and fire together such as water and fire bowls. For the extreme, fire can be incorporated into water features, columns and decks, where pool designs can include automated fire features that can be controlled by remote control.

Consider using the excitement of fire when planning your pool design – with a variety of incorporation alternatives – where you decide to use fire is your vision and your pool designer’s execution (see more at PoolBuildandDesign.ca – Pool Design with Fire)